About Me

Get to know me a little better…

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Born and raised in Scotland, I started off life in a caravan near Penicuik in a large mobile home, then moved around for a considerable amount from home to home. I have lived in numerous places all over Scotland and settled in the highlands for my high school life, moving back to central Scotland as I hit my Twenties. I was raised in a really big, laid-back family, with a mix of half-siblings, full siblings, and step. Yep, I have an excessive amount of siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, extended family, and a family story that makes Eastenders pale in comparison.

I am engaged to my long-term fiance of over a decade, and we have two children together and two girls from his previous relationship.

I am autistic with ADHD and OCD, among other things, with two autistic children, so I have my hands full and often include certain characters quietly within my books who are on the spectrum.

I am of mixed descent, with a family of Roma people and Ukrainian, among other things.

Last time I checked, I was one of 15 brothers and sisters… some half, some step… some reprobates. Out of all of them, my mother says I’m the ‘black sheep’ and the ‘family rottweiler’ because I am the feisty one who never shies away from a fight. Although the start of my journey was less than happy with a traumatic childhood, it still fuels many a good story and a bit of a disrupted life until I was around 9. I have remained a generally cheery person. I am chatty, welcoming, and easy to talk to.

I studied in college as a beautician, masseuse, and makeup artist and have had many odd professions, adding up to quite a long CV. This ranges from Singer in a girl band, model and then an Indie band, photo lab technician, 192 operator, Exotic animal charity director, dispatch manager for a huge seat cover company, designer, radio staff, and much, much more. I was a restless employee who got bored in non-creative roles. I tended to learn fast and excel in whatever I chose to do.

 As a writer, I am also an advocate against abuse. Primarily sexual and child abuse, but I will stand up for anyone that falls under the vast umbrella. Abuse in any form is wrong, and it’s my life passion to speak out and stand up against it.  I am a believer in equal rights for women, supporting women, and educating them on Rape culture in our society.

My Personality …

Wacky and awfully quirky. I grew up with an ugly girl’s personality and the strong belief that it would be better to be lovable than beautiful, and it’s never really changed. I’m loud and impulsive, I can be the life and soul of the party and fun-loving, but I can also be incredibly boring and grumpy. I am known as the wise one, the friend everyone needs, and always calm and wise in a crisis. I have a childishness that never goes away, but I am also very strict and like calm surroundings and organised rules when I am not hustling for fun. Most people find me really easy to talk to and easy to get along with, and love that I am a very honest, open person who won’t mince her words even if you disagree. I have an interest in anything that goes against the norm. I like to be my own person in everything. I am very outspoken and opinionated, not one to be pushed into a mould or held down by my gender. Impulsive and random.

My Ambition …

This has to be my biggest asset, and yet my biggest flaw too. I am very impulsive, and when I make a decision that I want something, I will just go for it. I do not care about the right process or qualifications. I have an insane ability to blag things I want and a bit of fearlessness. In the past, this led to being a singer in two bands, getting offered a job in TV, running my own business, and running an animal charity. It’s now why I have ended up as a writer and doing it my own way! I have this undying need to find a fulfilling role beyond being a mother and wife, and I think I will not rest until I succeed in some way. Writing has been my passion since my youth, so I hope it’s where I belong.

I want to write a book or series that makes it onto the screen. I have an addiction to Kdrama and would love to one day write a Kdrama and travel Asia.

Book and Movie Preferences …

Books – I like romance, Kdrama, comedy romance, and occasionally erotica novels. I have a wide range of authors I like, and I love books to have a good length to them. I only like quick reads when my schedule is hectic, otherwise, I find them a disappointment. I do not like long-winded, over-intelligent, or smutty books that give you brain ache instead of relaxing you.

  Movies: Much like my choice in books, although I am a sucker for action too, I love marvel movies, star wars, and star trek. Kdrama, rom-com, and also action or historic comedies. Yes, I am a secret geek, but that’s okay, as geeks became cool by the time I hit my twenties. Not a huge fan of weird or paranormal, although I suffer them for my lover’s sake. I have been a huge Hobbit and Lord of the rings fan since childhood and rate them among my favourite books and movies now.

My Goals!

I aim to take over the world. It has always been my plan. Okay, so maybe not really, but I do aim to leave my mark on it in some small way so, in years to come, I will be remembered.
I have a passion for helping people, be it to get out of an awful place or build them up to follow their dreams. I love to see people succeed and class myself as an advocate for anyone struggling.
Personal goals – Well, movies or TV, of course, for my books. That’s the dream. Best-sellers and blockbusters, but I guess that is for every writer x