A tale of the nasty Writer

UPDATE - Since this post went live it seems Mr Meredith has removed his posts and taken down his story, either that or is working through and blocking people from seeing, but he did have this to say about my post though LOLStill confused that Kessily and I are 2 different people. Recently in Book-land… Continue reading A tale of the nasty Writer

And The Nasty Continues….

I am sure if you are part of the book community then you will have seen this post doing the rounds and highlighting a message sent to the author Belle Brooks these past few days . If not you can read her post HERE . be sure to leave a comment of support. For those who… Continue reading And The Nasty Continues….

Thank you for your support

In the last few days following my blog on Bullying in the Book Community I have been inundated with private messages and new followers across all of my social media. I did nothing that many have not done, and that was speak out when I see something I disagree with. Something harmful to another human.… Continue reading Thank you for your support