Choc Orange Shortbread Cookies

I have been baking today as a reward for spending an entire afternoon building a greenhouse. One of my favourite cookie recipes is a shortbread one which I think I may have blogged about before. Well this is a tweeked version so sharing with you now. You will need ; 125 baking butter 55g white… Continue reading Choc Orange Shortbread Cookies

Festive Choc Chip Shortbread Star Cookies

Our activity calendar this week kick started on Monday with 'Bake Cookies' so I knew I had to find a special cookie recipe to please this little brood and make it Christmassy!!! I found a very basic shortbread recipe and customised it to suit our needs. these were a massive hit. So much so I… Continue reading Festive Choc Chip Shortbread Star Cookies

Autumn Apple Sponge Cake

It's that time again. Another (leanne thinks she can cook) recipe!! Woohooo. I think the praise from the lemon cake actually went to my head and now I am all Gordon Ramsay over here and strutting my stuff like I know what end of a cake prong to use. So without much ado and chatter,… Continue reading Autumn Apple Sponge Cake

Scot’s Slow Cooker Stovies

Well, it's no surprise that I am a Scottish girl from Scotland. I think I have mentioned it once or twice and while I live in the central belt now, I have moved around my country a fair bit through my life. I spent my young teens and high school in the highlands and I… Continue reading Scot’s Slow Cooker Stovies

Chinese Pork and Mushroom with Fried Rice

One of our favorite dishes to buy from our local Chinese is this. So often in fact that it really starts to cost a pretty penny. So today I decided to give it a go myself, seeing as we had all the bare necessities in my freezer and cupboards. This is how I did it,… Continue reading Chinese Pork and Mushroom with Fried Rice

Leanne’s Easy Peasy Lemon Cake

So here is another recipe for you all. My son and I like to bake cakes and experiment often and this is one of those outcomes. Now before you start, I would advise you to pre-whisk your egg whites (you know like a proper baker would do) if you want a fluffier risen cake, but… Continue reading Leanne’s Easy Peasy Lemon Cake