Can you vote?

I have entered one of my designs into a competition with Hobbycraft, to win more supplies to keep my freebies going every month and would love if you could vote on my little fellow. It only takes a second and I am up against so many talented knitters. This is Sparkle and one of my… Continue reading Can you vote?

Getting ready for New Year

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and now in that weird space between Xmas and New year I am sure you are all feeling as out of whack as me, and lost the day of the week somewhere along the way. I decided to get productive while chilling on the couch. So while… Continue reading Getting ready for New Year

Free Halloween Panther Cat Knitting pattern

We have another freebie pattern for you all. I knitted this wee fellow on my 14 hour car trip to Birmingham a couple of weeks ago and figured now was the perfect time to share. Enjoy!!! Don't forget to show us your Halloween decor too, I love seeing what you have all come up with.This… Continue reading Free Halloween Panther Cat Knitting pattern

Loulou Belle Dolly

I started designing this doll and her Bunny over a week ago with only one goal in mind . To create a large toy design which would challenge me out of my comfort zone and give me a project that would take a little time while I still take a writing break. The result was… Continue reading Loulou Belle Dolly

Free Chico the Chihuahua Knitting Pattern

You have probably seen my little side kick, Chico, if you follow me on social media on any platform so I thought it would be cute to make a mini him. The PDF is below and can be yours with one click!! I think I may be biased but he is just the most adorable.… Continue reading Free Chico the Chihuahua Knitting Pattern