Just Rose

on 1 November 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
First off look at that cover! How can you resist? I couldn’t. I was not disappointed, even though this is not my usual type of book. The author has a way of bringing not just the main characters to life, but the setting of the small Scottish village and laird manor. and the side characters. You end up feeling like you are part of the wacky community. I went through all the emotions whilst reading this book and for me, I need that in a book. There is plenty of laugh out loud moments as well. It really is a cozy sweet romance. It also covers issues of mental health in a delicate way that some books do not, which i appreciate. I could not put the book down and will definitely be rereading to revisit my favourite characters again. I felt the pacing was good, which is usually one of the issues i have with this genre and I really like the author’s style of writing. I hope she writes more books like this.