The Carrero Effect

Kate Baker – Reader in The fiction cafe book group.


I’ve finished the final page with tears dropping off my chin (the music below is what the MC is listening to as this book draws to a close) and I’ve been put through the emotional mill for 517 pages of gut-aching chemistry, anguish-inducing scenes in which both main characters dance round each other when they should simply BE HONEST with each other.

The irritation was palpable at times in me … one of the many emotions that had me knowing I would never give up on the read.

I’d seen the book’s title bandied about during the months I’d been a member here and I was fascinated with the hype and keen to find out what was actually behind these admittedly seductive covers.

A teeny part of me opened the first page wondering if it was just ‘another sex romp’. Far far from it my friends. As the layers of complication unpeeled gradually, from a difficult childhood, a non-effective mother, life lessons at the hands of evil, Emma’s character brought to me a request for patience and understanding. So I stuck by her and went through every emotion she did and the chapters and months unfolded in her new life.

Leanne’s writing style is straightforward, contemporary, humorous, littered with clever metaphors, dripping with emotion in which you find yourself smothered (well I did, because I’m a sop like that).