The Carrero Effect


This book was a pleasant surprise!

I enjoyed this so much I couldn’t put it down!

Initially I wasn’t certain what to expect, and worried it would be your typical “girl meets boss, girl and boss fall in love and work perfectly”

I loved that this was individual. The plot wasn’t predictable, and the writing style is engaging. I wanted to know how situations would resolve, and it was intriguing how the characters clashed at times.

This was done to feel natural, logical even given the individuals backgrounds which we find out about as the story progresses.

The characters were done well, and react to their history in logical ways, neither is ‘perfect’. They each have their own hurdles to overcome, and i enjoyed seeing how they reacted to the situations thrown their way.

Being drawn in so well, i did NOT see the situation unfolding the way it did! It was fun to have a shocking ending in a romantic storyline, and wow what an emotional ride!

‘Sexy’ scenes were well done, but not overdone. So if the more graphic erotica isn’t your thing, you’ll like this one!

Highly recommend for anyone who enjoys a romance that isn’t stereotypical!