The Carrero Influence


Wow!! From tame and suggestive, to steamy sex scenes!!

Book two in the Carrero Series is certainly not lacking in steamy scenes, and it’s as much of an emotional ride as book one, more so in fact!!

These books are far from your typical romance, in fact the sheer rollercoaster elements and flips in scenario are what make this series amazingly individual.

These aren’t two picture perfect people whose relationship is shiny from the get go, they have challenges and make stupid decisions much like any person!

Bare in mind though, this author has a knack for cruelty. And by that, i mean cruelty to the reader!! I promise you will have moment ls where you want to rave at her for what happens, and it will potentially make you cry: tissues handy at all times folks, because you NEVER know what this Author is going to throw at her characters, or you!!

These are beautifully written to capture the Main characters emotions, like a perfectly painted picture in your mind. You FEEL what they feel, and you are amused/concerned/horrified/overjoyed at various points because of their actions or decisions.

Be prepared to want to occasionally feel the want to slap the characters for stupid ass choices!!

This was certainly a fun book to read and i FLEW through it! I love these people that Marshall has created, even whilst at times kind of hating them, but you’ll see what I mean when you read it for yourself!!

If you enjoy romance, READ them. If you enjoy a bit of a surprise and an emotional read, GET THEM. I promise you will not be disappointed!

The Carrero Series has just become my FAVOURITE romance series.