My book is on Amazon for FREE!!! The Carrero Effect

Even though I am still working through and fine tuning my book ‘The Carrero Effect‘. I have put it on amazon as a free download for the next 5 days!!! Yup, that’s right. Take advantage of this offer while i work out the minor kinks and grammar flaws.

So if you want to get your teeth into the first book from my trilogy, then feel FREE. Literally!


Click to get your Kindle Edition here!!

What’s it about?

Emma Anderson has everything in her life worked out, the perfect job in a Manhattan empire allowing her to live a quiet organised and safe existence. A necessity to her. That is until a promotion sends her straight into the presence of her young, super hot playboy billionaire boss and stuck as his right-hand man every waking moment of every single day.  Like chalk and cheese, two people with no longing for love or complication this unusual pairing may either be just what she needs in her life or the absolute path to disaster. He is everything she is not, compulsive, confident, laid back, dominant and fun, with an ability to steamroller over her manicured ice maiden exterior. New love, overwhelming emotion and heartbreak. This tale will take you on a  rollercoaster begging for more. Love-able sexy characters and deep emotional topics.  Contains some mature, adult content and language.


'I trust you with every detail of my life, would be nice if you did the same.' His voice matches mine, tense and angry, temper bubbling between us and it feels like static in the air.

'You don't pay me to burden you with my past' I snap.

'If you don't tell me, I'll find out for myself.' He threatens and I see the darkness move into his eyes.

'What do you mean?' I falter at his threat. There's an edgy tone I don't relish, it stops me in my tracks, causing me to glare at him with uncertainty.

1 thought on “My book is on Amazon for FREE!!! The Carrero Effect”

  1. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love seeing websites that understand the value of providing a quality resource for free. It is the old what goes around comes around routine.


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