Part 6 – Chapter 13, book 1 – Jakes view

Lovers of my book The Carrero Effect book 1 will love this brand new alternate chapter.

This is chapter 13, part 6 (more to follow) re-written from Jake Carrero’s perspective as per requested by you, the lovely fans.

Please note there is swearing and sexual references and this is not suitable for those under 18 years of age.

Read at your own risk!!

The holiday- Part 6 ( Chapter 13, book 1)

* * *
Going back to the boat Jake had been disappointed to find the entire party followed him and Emma, so they had no time alone. The boat ride back had been eye opening though, with Emma standing between his legs as he had perched on the edge of the side and her arms around his neck. She had been about an inch from his face the whole time talking about nothing specific, her eyes had kept moving to Jakes mouth longingly and he had to curb kissing her about a thousand times even though his hands were on her hips and she was pulled practically into his groin. 
One little inch forward and a tiny head tilt was all it would have taken, she was already mirroring his pose and screaming ‘kiss me’. He didn’t know if she had any idea what signals she was giving him right now or if she was subtly telling him to go for it, she was obviously drunk and feeling more carefree and it just confused him as to what to do. She was giggling enough, touching him enough and if she had been any other girl he would have high fived himself as all the cues were there that he had scored. But this was her, and she was innocent in all ways sexual, she trusted him and he didn’t want to kiss her in front of these people anyway. If and when he did make a move he wanted it private so she could relax and decide without pressure if she wanted it. He didn’t want to ruin anything between them and that kiss so long ago in the hotel had made him wary of trying too haphazardly.
On the boat he had left her to wander the deck with Leila and headed to the lounger, he was going to let her make the moves if that’s what she wanted. Let her relax, let her come tom him and play it by ear. It was the only way he could think of playing this where she was concerned and that way he couldn’t screw this all up by assuming it’s what she wanted.
He kicked back and decided to let it go a little, drink more and get as merry as her if he was going to stop overthinking all of this. Maybe that was half his problem, he was trying to stay sober so he wouldn’t make moves on her when he should really be throwing caution to the wind and going with the flow. That’s what she seemed to be doing tonight and watching her dance, drink and get in the party mood was definitely doing it for him.
‘You’re in there you know?’ Daniel slid down beside him on the loungers next to him and smiled his way, waving a bottle towards Emma and Leila on deck. ‘She’s been giving you the come on since she got to the restaurant man, what are you waiting for?’
‘You don’t know her like I do… She’s nothing like the woman we normally chase Danny, she requires a little gentle handling.’ Jake frowned his way and then back at Emma, she was laughing with Leila and falling over one another while trying to change the song on the stereo. He smiled impulsively at just how adorable she was.
‘Is this what love does to you? Makes you wimp out and over cautious. The normal Jake Carrero would have had that chick naked in under three minutes, fucked and back on deck to party within the first couple of hours on this boat. Man, by now you would have fucked her a dozen times in every position and moved onto someone else…. You really are pussy whipped.’ Daniel slumped back and shook his head at Jake smirking uncontrollably.
‘Shut up… I don’t want to be that guy anymore.’ Jake mirrored Daniels pose and slid another beer from the table to cradle on his abdomen. Both of them staring up at the perfect starry sky contemplating things in general.
‘No, you don’t want to be that way while your head is all invested in her. If she was out of the picture you would revert to kind mate.’ Daniel prodded him in the shoulder and he flicked him away.
‘Maybe she made me realise that doing all the shit I’ve done in my past isn’t enough, It was fun but it was never fulfilling enough to make me happy. It’s why I hit it so hard and so constantly…. Looking for more and never finding it…… Until her.’ Jake looked his best friends way with a sigh. Daniel regarded him coolly.
‘Look, she’s obviously hot for you tonight so go for it, do me a favour though. If she doesn’t want the more when you’re both sober Jake then you need to move on, get back in the saddle and put this shit to bed. Bang her, spend the night making her fantasies come true but know if a line is drawn that all of this stops. You go back to who you were and you let that chick do her job.’ Daniels stern tone was not that of a guy being a dick but a best mate offering wisdom. He had to agree with what he was saying despite it not being what he wanted to hear. Tonight was the turning point. If he made moves and she wanted it then he would go for it, if she didn’t then he would stop it all. By all he meant all of this celibate shit and pining for her and accept it was never going to happen. None of this was healthy and he had no more energy for it.
‘I should stop! I think I’ve had enough.’ He could hear her protesting Leilas advances with more alcohol. Voices coming their way and Daniel raised an eyebrow at him before sliding off to join the twins dancing badly on deck with Marissa and Miracle.
‘Hush now, we’re on vacation…, party, party!’ Leila was loud and obnoxious like her normally drunken ass could be.
‘End up comatose or throwing up in my own shoes, you mean?’ Emma sighed as he watched her, grabbing the rail for support. That perfect little body encased in a short floaty red dress and looking a little too divine.
‘Your loss, sweet cheeks.’ Leila pouted cheekily and turned towards the dancing group with a smile, swinging her hips and leaving Emma to either follow or not. Emma turned his way looking at him in a way he knew meant she wanted to be beside him right now.
She wants this….Take her cue Jake.
‘Come. Bambino!’ Jakes eyes met hers, a look between them that he couldn’t mistake. Years of those same looks from woman meant that even on her he could recognise it. Emma most definitely was finding him attractive enough tonight to want something more than just platonic touches and with a little beckoning finger wiggle, he patted the lounger beside him suggestively.
She wants you, she wants this! Relax and go with it.
His heart had upped it’s beat and his body was definitely feeling a little clammy, nerves kicking in and telling him he should drink a hell of a lot more. Jake never got nervous around women… Ever.
She pushed herself off of the rail without hesitation and with a sultry look pasted on her face and chewing her lip she made her way towards him on unsteady legs. She got within a foot of the bed and fell ungraciously on top of him. Luckily even drunk Jake had fighters reflexes and caught her soundly. Okay maybe in some awkward places that his hands shouldn’t have strayed but he pulled her to the side of him and wrapped an arm around her quickly to avoid drawing attention to the hand that had fully palmed her breast.
She has amazing tits.
‘Crap.’ She breathed through a giggle that made him only want to pull her closer, her skin was a little cool from standing up on the deck all night and he wrapped his warmer body around her to cocoon her in his own heat.
‘Bit drunk there, Miss Anderson?’ He laughed at her, enamoured by that twinkling set of eyes and the precious smile stuck in place.
‘Sof course not’ She slurred and then looked immediately confused.
Jake just cuddled her more, too god damn perfect for words. He had it bad and he knew it. Everything she did had him weak for her and even something as simple as cute slurring of words had him wanting to squeeze the life out of her.
‘Glad to see you letting go.’ He smiled, almost nose to nose with her.
‘I think falling on top of your boss is more than letting go.’ She laughed, relaxing in his arms and regaining control of her vocabulary once more.
‘I’m not your boss for the next two weeks.’ He winked suggestively, plying on the hints thickly that he was completely on board with however she wanted to play this.
‘Okay, I shall rephrase… Falling on top of your temporary, not boss, is overdoing it.’ She giggled again, the breeze blowing her hair up around her face suddenly and he reached out to smooth it back so he could continue to stare into those cool blue pools of perfection. Her eyes had always drawn him, from that first time in his office those baby blues had captured him and haunted his mind always. She could unravel him with one look.
‘Do you need me to put you to bed?’ He asked, hoping that if he got her away from watchful eyes and maybe alone they could further explore what this was tonight.
Gentle handling Carrero. Listen to her, read her signs.
‘Do I not need to put YOU to bed?’ She slurred again and he couldn’t help but laugh at that suggestion.
If only.
‘I’m sure I can handle way more alcohol than you, tiny.’ He joked, still keeping a firm hold on that body and letting his hands trail down her back slowly towards her ass, she wasn’t stopping him anyway. All signs that he wasn’t reading this wrong at all.
‘I’m not so sure, I haven’t seen you walk yet.’ She pointed at him in the universal drunk air jab. Too god damn cute for words and her mouth was most definitely getting closer to his, her body moving towards him so very slowly.
‘I’m sure after seeing you make an attempt at that, it proves you’re worse than me.’ He shifted to move his groin away from her a little, she was getting too close for comfort and unlike most woman who liked to feel the effect they were having on him he knew Emma wouldn’t. She wasn’t like any girl he had ever known and this game of seduction was nothing like any he played. The ball was in her court and he was just playing along with whatever she was allowing. He wouldn’t scare her off by moving in all Carrero like.
‘I like your dimples when you smile.’ She prodded his face. Focusing on his features a little too closely, distracted by them it seemed and licking her lips as her eyes moved to his mouth. He all but groaned.
She’s giving every prompt and signal unknowingly, innocently…Fuck.
‘And there she is.’ He grinned trying to deflect just how horny she was making him right now.
‘There who is?’ She ask in confusion, a frown creasing her forehead and eyes coming back to his in confusion.
‘Drunk Emma….How are you doing? …I missed you baby.’ He smiled, although truth be told she had been drunk since the restaurant.
‘You missed drunken Emma?’ She asked, blinking suspiciously.
‘I did.’ He smirked as that little jealous twinkle hit her eyes. All good signs for him anyway.
‘Why?… Do you like her more than me?’ She pouted with sad eyes, not even smiling when he laughed at her and shook his head. Too adorable for words.
‘You are drunken Emma….’ He soothed, shifting his knee between them a little to keep that wriggling body of hers from getting back into his groin as that was the way she was heading. Aware of it or not she had inched herself right against his chest and abdomen and caught her feet in his, she was trying to get as close as possible and it was taking all of his will power not to flip her on her back and just stick his tongue in her mouth right now. He was almost certain she wouldn’t refuse it right about now but the voices of the others on deck were killing this. He wanted it a little more special than making out in front of them, especially Marissa and her wolfish eyes that had been undressing him all night.
‘No. I’m not… I’m just Emma… Drunken Emma is….’ She looked flustered and he could only laugh. ‘Why are you laughing? I’m being serious!’ She pulled her hands across her chest between them defiantly but it only made her more appealing, he prodded her nose playfully.
Fuck, he loved this girl.
‘Both Emma’s are you, they just choose to come out at different times. You’re cute when you pout.’ He prodded her in the face lightly again before pinching her nose. He could touch her all day and never tire of it.
‘Why do you like her more?’ She slapped his hand away sulkily, more pouting and the saddest eyes he had ever seen, it just made him want to laugh all the more.
God… adorable personified. Jesus..
‘How can you not love this version of you?’ He wrapped his arms tighter around her, now that she had taken them from her chest, back to her previous close position and planted a kiss on her cheek. He Snuggled his head into the crook of her neck and manoeuvred her body to mould into his a little better. If he wasn’t in direct line of that luscious mouth then he would less likely pounce on her and down here he could at least inhale that sweet skin and perfume to his hearts content.
Jeeze, she felt good.
‘Pffft…. I don’t love her then.’ She tried to wriggle free huffily and he had to lift his head just to see that wounded expression which was all but killing him right now, she really had no clue how freaking cute she was.
‘Because I do?’ He smiled at that adorable frown.
‘That makes no sense.’ He jested, stopping the urge to poke her in the face. Playground flirting techniques were not normally his thing.
‘Yes it does…. If you like her so much, she must be a leggy bimbo.’ She sulked and looked away from him, all hints of green eyed monster on show.
‘I already told you, I don’t actually like leggy bimbos, Emma.’ He lifts his head more to stare at her fully nose to nose. He instantly thought about stopping that sad little face with a kiss, he was close enough, sure enough that she wanted him too and yet he didn’t want to do it this way. Not here. He inched close enough, eyes fully locked on the target and didn’t take the shot.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
‘I don’t believe you.’ She almost gulped at the slight reaction to his near kiss, another hint that she was into this. He just had to stop being a pansy and just do it. Stop worrying about fucking things up and kiss her. He had built this moment up in his head so much that now he had too many nerves to try.
‘Well, that’s your prerogative.’ He smiled softly this time, willing himself to just go for it. Moving in slowly once more, pushing his crazy scared shitless self aside and just forcing himself to kiss her.
The scrapes and shifting noises on deck snapped his attention guiltily away as though his mum had just walked in and caught him trying to fuck someone in his room and he looked towards them. It was pretty obvious by the way he was manoeuvring Miracles dress off that sexy time was about to get underway and Daniel wasn’t exactly shy about fucking in front of others or letting them join in.
‘Time for bed… I know what Daniels like. Show-time equals go time!’ He didn’t like the fact that Hunter was doing this with Emma here, he would never lower her to that sort of degrading show. Emma wasn’t that kind of girl.
‘What’s he like? What do you mean ‘Show-time’?’ She looked at him questioningly as he effortlessly pulled her up with him in his arms, he was getting her below deck before she saw anything that made her uncomfortable.
‘He likes kinky sex, he’s an exhibitionist, doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, he’ll try and pull you in ,he has no qualms about fucking in front of an audience.’ He frowned Daniels way knowing no way in hell would he ever let any of them touch his girl.
Jake caught sight of Leila getting up to leave too, she had never been into that whole scene and well being Hunter she would definitely not want to hang around to see, Richard was following her.
‘Will you join in?’ Emma squeaked at him, a completely crest fallen look on her face thinking that he might want too. His heart warming a little at the obvious upset thinking he might. He had her.
Fuck no… She was far more alluring than that shit.
‘No, it’s not my thing Emma.’ Not anymore, not in a long time and especially not when he had something better to be a different guy for.
‘You said you did it on your dad’s boat when you were younger….. Group….Stuff.’ She accused him softly, obviously thinking back to old conversations from back when he was stupid enough to think they would just stay friends. He regretted being so open about his past back then, wondering if it made her look at him in the way she was looking at Daniel right now. Disgusted.
‘Who do you think was at the root of that?’ He raised an eyebrow towards Daniel accusingly, not that it was fair, he had never forced him into all that just helped it along. He pulled Emma along by the hand and towards the stair to the lower deck trying to get her away from this quickly. The music was louder now and Miracle already nakedly laying on a lounger starting to touch herself. The girl seriously had no shame and it made Jake grimace. Why had he ever thought that lifestyle was better than this was beyond him. Looking at Emma he knew he would never go back to that shit even if he never got with her.
‘So you liked it then?’ She asked looking back once more as Marissa got up and began a slow strip tease, her eyes following them. Jake ignored her and shrugged. Putting an arm around her to guide her and hold her up on those Bambi drunk legs of hers.
‘I was young, it’s just sex. I was pretty much partying and pissing my dad off at every turn.’ He tried to play it off casually, wishing he had never let her know what was going on and just whisked her off quickly. She was too inquisitive when drunk and this was not putting him in a good light at all. She stumbled on the carpeted floor and he righted her, pulling her close protectively. He could feel the effects of the alcohol more now that he was upright and the relaxed feeling moving over him fast. At least it was quelling his nerves.
‘You don’t do group sex anymore?’ She hiccuped, still chasing this god damn infernal subject and he could only frown and sigh internally. 
Jesus Emma. Are you trying to ruin my chances with this?
He smiled at her in complete frustration with her line of questioning looking skywards for a little help, she was like a dog with a bone on this and it was killing him.
‘I like your smile.’ She smiled obviously instantly distracted in her drunken haze.
‘No, I don’t and I like that you like my smile, Shorty.’ He stopped and pushed her against the wall to steady her as he pulled his phone from his pocket as soon as he felt it vibrate, he swiped the screen seeing Daniels text on the front and had to hide a visual reaction.
Fuck her hard so she never wants to go back to being mates… Good luck!
He wanted to kill him about now, swiping the screen closed and shoving it back in his pocket.
‘I like when you laugh like that.’ He glanced up at her trying like hell to stop visualising fucking her now thanks to Hunter and trying instead to focus on her sweet girly giggling instead.
Focus on her sweetness, not her cleavage, not her mouth Carrero.
‘Like what?’ She asked innocently, still unable to stop grinning. He just regarded her for a second then realised he had pretty much bodily pinned her to the wall so every inch of her was against every inch of him unknowingly, the hardness growing down between them in his pants was becoming a little too prominent and he shifted away.
‘Unguarded…. I like drunk Emma.’ He pulled her off the wall and lead her to her room, he would take her there and give her one last attempt at turning him down before he would make a move. As long as all the signs were the same as the last hour then he was going to kiss her. More if she wanted but right now he just wanted to kiss her more than anything. Sex would be a bonus he wasn’t counting on.
‘I like drunk Emma too.’ She sighed, following him as he opened the door, his hand still grasping hers gently.
‘I thought you said you didn’t?’ He frowned at her with a confused smile. Her drunkenness was as polar opposite to PA Emma as she could get.
‘I was jealous… You like her way too much.’ She pouted and looked a little forlorn, that only made him laugh out loud, god she was cute.
‘You’re the same Emma …. No reason to be jealous, Bambino.‘ He calmed his laughing opening her door into the dark room and pulled her to the base of her bed, he had deliberately put her in a room next to his so he could be close if she needed him. 
Letting her go, he sat her on the end of the bed and undid her high-heeled silver sandals, sliding warm hands over delicate feet on his knees and feeling her watching him. He knew he should switch the lights on but he knew what he was doing in here. He was going to relax her, then he was going to move in without hesitation and go for it. No lights needed for that.
‘Nooo, you like one more than the other.’ She sighed. He smiled and shifted closer so he was between her open naked legs with her dress sliding up high as she accommodated his body, nose to nose almost and practically the same height with her sat on the low bed and him on his knees. Not physically touching but he could feel that sizzle of electricity between them sparking in the darkness. He had been right about her giving off signals. He had no doubts anymore and this last little invited manoeuvre was sealing the deal, PA Emma would never have let him slide into her open legs so suggestively. 
He reached out touching her hair and running a hand through its silky softness, watching in the dim moonlit dark for her reactions. As expected she tilted her head towards his hand and parted her lips suggestively, her knees pressing to either side of his thighs as her body instinctively responded to him. All the things he had been watching for.

Maybe sex was an option after all.

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