Important Alert on book 8 Kindle

Last night upon release we discovered book 8 is missing a small chapter between chapters 28 and 29 in the kindle version. We are working with amazon to have this rectified and the books updated on devices of readers who already purchased. This may take time, so below is the missing Chapter in its entirety.  Read this between 28 and 29.

We apologise for the inconvenience of this mistake but every launch has to have some sort of scenario that goes wrong or it would not be ‘The Carrero Curse’ LOL.

Enjoy and cannot wait for all the gorgeous feedback.

EDITED – any books after NOON UK time are now rectified copies.

How you can tell?

The rectified copies end on Chapter 40.

The flawed copies had a numbering glitch and 39 chapters ended 36,37,36,37

Missing Chapter – Missing chapter between 28-29 

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