Finally – day 3 of questions.

I cannot blame a faulty blog this time, but I can blame my children and life for getting in my way. here is your final part of the 3 days of questions.
Enjoy x

What’s your favourite scene from all the books? Only allowed to choose one

Gaaaahhhh. Oh dear, that’s like asking who my favourite child is hahaha. Ummmmm.
*Heavy sighs*
If I had a gun held to my head and I had to choose, then I would say maybe it’s a scene in book 9 y’all have not read yet, haha. When you get the book I will revisit this question, ahhaha.

Who was your favourite character to create?

Alexi. Without a doubt. Always and forever he is the most challenging and yet the most interesting and fun to write about. His change in the three books was a heart warming thing , more so than Cam’s.

Which character do you relate to the most?

Sophie probably. We are quite alike in a lot of ways, although I clearly matured more than she has yet. We are pretty much similar souls, similar issues and reactions. I also ended up with someone more like an Arrick than any of the other men.

Who is your favourite author? And why?

I actually do not have one. I read anyone I like and don’t even have one favourite book to be fair. I like so many. I would say growing up it was Jackie Collins but I haven’t lifted any of her books in years. I love EL James but not due to her actual books, she is just a lovely person and quite humble. I really respect her.

What made you want to become an author?

I didn’t really have that as a goal. It seems odd to say but I have always written stories. My entire life and it was something I just did for the love of it. Getting published was my secondary concern and actually came from a friend pushing me to do so. She had read my Just Rose manuscript and fell in love.

If you had to live the life of one of the women you’ve created, which would you choose and why?

Darn. Well, Sophie and Emma have it pretty cushy once they get their HEA. Camilla is on the way to something right for her, so the choice is hard as they all end up content. I would have to probably pick Sophie I guess. Purely because she is doing something creative with her life, being her own boss and has a really supportive family and great talent. Those are things I need to make me happy too.

If you could pick another career other then writing books….what would it be?

I have had many haha. I am a trained beautician and masseuse, also trained in photo lab development among other things. I had an online business for years selling my own designs and creations. If I didn’t write I would still be making and selling my accessories and still dabble even now. I have plans to do some more non author things in the future, relating to the craft side.

Do you know before hand what the cliffhangers will be, what the shocks will be? Or do you see where the story takes you?

I know what the majority will be. I have a clue to ones I want to incorporate, but a lot come to me as scenes unfold. I follow a very loose mental plan and let the characters lead.

I am twisted though, so mainly I think them up with the express purpose of shock value LMAO.

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