Taking a mental break

For the past few weeks my kids have been on summer holiday from school, so what better time to recharge the batteries and take a time out. I sometimes need the mental break to recharge my batteries and produce equally gripping books.

So what does an author of gritty romance do to unwind?

Well in my case it’s this.

I create toys and knit them when I need some creative outlet. I mean I don’t just knit. I am a fully creative person with an entire craft/design space in my home where I can sew, paint, draw, create stuffed or fabric items. I also am a resin artist who makes jewellery and like to craft with clay and other mediums. I used to run an online business (for a decade) that sold bright colourful and fun handmade accessories, so it is still my go to when I need a writing break. While writing books I sometimes start each writing day with a small craft project to get my juices flowing. You can find me posting images of makes on my Facebook sometimes.

I also often create the Carrero merchandise myself and I have all input into promo merch for signings and often make a lot myself to hand out.

This was the first thing I made a week back and since then I have just waded in and made a few little things. I love mythical, fantasy toys and anything bright and quirky so my patterns are in keeping with my style.

If you are a knitter you can purchase my patterns to knit your own right here

Click for Etsy!!!

If you do make anything I sell then please tag me on social media to see your fabulous work.

How do you unwind? What crafts, hobbies or past times have you got that keeps you sane?

Liana Marcel was my old business name and you can still find old pictures on google of past makes.

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