One piece Rainbow Hanger- Free Knitting Pattern

It’s been an eventful few weeks with my not being able to breathe properly and getting worse by the day. So I apologise for the late freebie which I have not had the strength to make in the last couple of weeks before now.

Today, after the worst 3 days, I was sent for a Covid test and assessment at my local hospital as my breathing has been getting worse for about 3 weeks and yesterday hit it’s worst date yet. Thankfully it looks like a combination of allergies, acid reflux and anxiety and already this afternoon I am feeling slightly better with some medication and the ease of the worry lifted about my lungs. My oxygen levels are good so that put my mind at ease.

The nurses and doctors at the center were amazing though and despite my bursting into tears and having a mass panic attack, were so kind and caring and helpful. I felt like such a fool for getting so upset but we are living in such trying times and my anxiety has been sky high. I am so glad to be home and not kept in and decided to post this little one piece rainbow pattern for you all to knit. It’s my little thankful colourful bright because I got to come home.

Knitting has been keeping me sane today and I love that this can be made in one sitting. It took me only an hour in total to do the whole thing, while still stopping to catch my breath.

I have a range of wooden hangers and patterns on my Etsy, along with rainbow keyrings and such if you want to go visit my shop. I have been keeping my mood up and the funds I make have gone towards starting a vegetable garden and greenhouse for me and my son.

Get the pattern here !!!

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3 thoughts on “One piece Rainbow Hanger- Free Knitting Pattern”

    1. Thank you. I am still struggling with my breathing but knowing that it will improve and is getting better has helped a lot with my anxiety

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